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What is Restoration, Restoration Techniques.

Restoration is repairing for preservation. 
Restoration techniques to be applied in Öztek Architecture are determined at the project stage. Protected traditions  add value to the work.
Restoration techniques to be used during the restoration, refurbishment or repair of Historical Artifacts are determined at the project stage at Öztek Architecture. Restoration projects we have prepared in accordance with the needs of the landlord and the regulationsbuildingIt can also be used as an application project at  stage.

After the license is obtained, the entire construction or renovation process is analyzed and programmed with the owner and expert teams.

Structure and ground reinforcement are made according to detailed soil analysis.

Since our work area is mostly examples of civil architecture, we maintain today's comfort conditions while preserving the traditional qualities of the buildings and carry out these in accordance with the regulations. While the historical artifact preserves the past features of the building,smart home to structurewe adapt all the hardware that will make it qualified. 

We extend the life of buildings with modern construction systems without giving up on traditional construction techniques. 

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