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Renovation - Decoration Services

Renovation - Decoration ;

In our references decoration/comprehensive renovation  our works are gathered in two main areas as commercial and residential._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1363db-bb3b-1365b-136bad519d_0558d

In the projects we have completed, you can see examples of Home Decoration, Living Room Decoration, Mansion Interior, Wooden Mansion Office Decoration, Office Solutions, Home Renovation, Home Renovation.
After observing the lifestyle and tastes of our customers in the projects of ev decorasyon to be implemented in Öztek Architecture, we form the main lines of our project. By making use of our past experience, we guide our customers in the areas of safety, comfort, durability and cost. We organize and plan all the teams to work, all the materials to be purchased and all the productions to be made. Together with our customers, we choose among the appropriate options. 

In commercial decoration works, the most important issue is time and planning. Renovation works are programmed without interruption and disruption in a work environment. 

Dekorasyon Öztek Mimarlık Restorasyon Dekorasyon
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