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Historical Wooden Houses

Tarihi Ahşap Evler

Bosphorus in Istanbul, Konak in Izmir or in Bursa Cumalıkızık, historical wooden houses shaped by history_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 1365c They have preserved their way of life until today.
The beauty of wooden houses does not only shape the narrow streets of the Bosphorus decorated with redbuds. The interior of each house bears the traces of a lifestyle that may have been forgotten today, starting from the needs of the person who first built it. 
I have a rule that I keep repeating to myself in many historical houses we work on.
I advise Homeowners not to remodel the building, but to allow the Historic Home to shape their lives. 
This is not just a protectionist approach. I think the plan features of historical buildings offer a better life than the houses we are used to today. For example, there is always a sofa or a life in a traditional Turkish house. These are common places where the whole family meets and spends time together. 
Stairs lead to the sofa. Rooms are entered from the sofa. Thus, no space is lost for a compressed corridor. Instead of a horizontal life with a corridor, there was a vertical life with stairs and common sofas. Different functions such as stairs, sofas, sitting arrangement in front of the window, stony room, bay window, cages are the features that create, change and shape the life style in these houses.


Yalı İç Mekan
Tarihi Konak İç Mekan

Another exquisite solution seen in historical houses is hidden in the details. There is little unnecessary ornamentation in the Turkish House. Ornaments and embellishments are made to the elements added due to their function. A buttress added to support the bay window is shaped according to the carrier system and decorated with thin laths. Profile laths used to close the gap between wooden ceiling coverings are used as a rich geometric ornament. 
These cultural assets are not just siding, they actually brought a different kind of life fiction to our day. Maybe we would have lived better if we hadn't abandoned this fiction.
We can see this more clearly in regional characteristics and typologies. The houses of warm climates, the houses of cold climates, and the houses of rainy climates have different and harmonious features.
The houses between the rich houses and the neighborhood de are different from each other.
Even adjacent neighborhoods can have different plan schemes.
While preparing the buildings for reuse, we try to preserve their original details and schematics as much as possible. Sometimes a fine detail can be a solution to a problem that we could not detect at that moment .

Yalı İç Mekan
Türk Evi İç Mekan

The window of the wooden door, which we modernized by preserving its original details, had more details than usual. When I witnessed it climb up from the point where the rain fell from a north wind storm, I saw how right we were doing in protecting the detail of the door.   
The wooden carrier system also ensures that the walls of the buildings are thin, the load is light, and the windows are plentiful, thanks to its compact but small-sized carrier elements. The bulky columns and beams of reinforced concrete have been promising us durability since the day we abandoned wooden architecture, but it can find its aesthetics in buildings designed for itself. 
These structures have already proven their durability with their natural materials that have stood for centuries. We use both solid and natural wood by reinforcing it against dangers such as decay and fire. 
Our Historical Houses, which are called Antiquities, Civil Architecture Example or Wooden Houses, are very valuable both aesthetically, historically and because they are in the most beautiful parts of our cities.
The lucky ones who own them are also open to new families that they can protect for generations if they volunteer to listen to the stories of their homes. 

Sadullah Paşa Yalısı İçi
Ahşap Ev
Restorasyon İç Mekan Öztek Mimarlık Restrasyon
Restorasyon İç Mekan
Ahşap Bina Nasıl Yapılır - Öztek Mimarlık

Modern Wooden Houses

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