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Sayfa Başı
Seda Öztek ve Kürşad Öztek
Seda Akçer Öztek, Kürşad Öztek, Aykut Karluvalı

Öztek Architecture, which is one of the Istanbul Restoration Firms, has been serving in the field of restoration projects, architectural restoration and Antiquities Renovation for 25 years.

Öztek Architecture, founded by Seda Akçer Öztek and Kürşad Öztek, expanded its services as of 2008 with the participation of Aykut Karluvalı.

Our company, which has grown in 2021, has also started to provide Real Estate Consultancy services.

For free appraisal work, especially on ancient artifacts, in the Bosphorus region of Istanbulcontact.

Our Bodrum Real Estate Services from our new branch opened in BodrumClick to get information about.

We continue our efforts to preserve the original architecture of Istanbul and the Bosphorus, and to transfer it to the future by developing projects suitable for investment.

Our expert team produces project-specific solutions in the fields of appropriate communication with official authorities, excellent technical projects, current housing trends, technical detail solutions.

Over the years, we have built the private residences of many families in this way.

The work we do, for our customersnestWe have developed loving and respectful relationships with our customers because we know it is  .

Öztek Mimarlık Kadıköy Mimarlık Ofisi

By Oztek Architects, we provide architectural services and work on historic and modern buildings. Our building restoration and design professionals are highly trained in the disciplines of architecture, preservation and craftsmanship. Over the last 15 years, we have worked on nearly 50 projects ranging in size from small building restorations  to some of the most valuable cultural heritages of Turkish Houses in_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Bosphorus area.

Please contact us if any information needed in English or German.


tarihi bina restorasyonu yapan firmalar
  • Architectural Project

  • Design

  • Ready Wooden House

  • survey

  • Restoration

  • Building

  • renovation

  • License Procedures

  • Wood Workshop

  • consultancy

  • The contractor

  • Production Management

fiyat, fiyat hesaplama, maliyet, mimarlar odası
Project CostCalculation 
Restorasyon Birim Fiyat Hesaplama, maliyet, fiyat
RestorationConstruction Cost See 5.D​


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Tel:  0216 472 5762

GSM: 0532 344 1062

Öztek Architecture Construction Engineering Tourism Underwater Industry. ve Tic. LTD. STI.


Osmanaga mah. Serasker cad.

Dilber Passage no:104 d:4 Floor:2 34714 Kadıköy Istanbul 

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