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Öztek Architecture Booklets About Restoration Works 

You can view the PDF file they are linked to by clicking on the images.

Öztek Architecture Restoration Applications and Photos
Öztek Architecture Restoration Applications Text List
Rumelihisarı Wooden Mansion Restoration, description of the 2-year process from start to finish, with photos and projects. You will find the answers to the questions before and after, Rumelihisarı historical information and how it was done in this study. This 55-page booklet contains a comprehensive study that you will not find anywhere else. We have prepared this booklet as a thank you to the owners of the houses we restored.
Rumelihisarı Wooden Mansion Restoration  technical construction details are in this 65-page booklet. We explained the anatomy of the wooden structure, the details of the wooden structure, mechanical and electrical solutions, basic reinforcement, productions made in the sea in the form of a diary and with photographs. This is a free publication that describes the entire restoration of a wooden mansion.
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