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Aziz Torun, Clifton Mansion Restoration
Kandilli Bosphorus (2012)

The mansion known as the Clifton Mansionwith storiesIt has a full history. 
English Dorina L. Neave (Clifton), who lived in Istanbul between 1881 and 1907, described the years she lived here in her book Twenty six years on the Bosphorus (1933, London). During the 1st World War, the fire spread to the buildings on the coast with the oil emitted from a flaming tanker and 22 mansions burned along with the Clifton Mansion in Kandilli. 
The reconstruction of the Clifton Mansion, which has a French-British-influenced architecture, which is rarely seen in the Bosphorus, instead of a reinforced concrete villa that was built later, was made possible after Aziz Torun, one of the owners of Torunlar REIC, was purchased. 
Many photographs were taken of the original building in history, and some architectural details were described in the book I mentioned above. 
After the Restoration Project was approved by the Board as "reconstruction", "reconstruction", we, as Öztek Architecture, were assigned for the restoration construction. The most difficult part of the project was the strengthening of the stone walls and the boathouse, which have been preserved until today. After cleaning up the reinforced concrete villa that was built later, we exposed the stone walls. Below sea level we strengthened the foundations and laid the foundations for the superstructure. 
In its original form, the mansion had masonry walls and was decorated with wood. All profiles and decorations on the façade are made of solid wood. 
The three-pitched roof of the mansion was made of wood. Since the design of the roof is quite complex, we first made the model. 

Baghdadi Wall, Baghdadi Plaster Construction

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