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Altunizade İsmail Zühtü Pasha Mansion; 

Although Altunizade İsmail Zühtü Pasha Mansion is one of the most eye-catching structures of the region, it could not be restored for many years. Yapı was demolished with the approval of the board, and its construction could not be started for 10 years. Swiss Life Insurance purchased the building in 2001 and had it rebuilt in accordance with its original form. Our company has done the design, supervision and architectural works of the old building on behalf of NNA Architecture . A new restoration project was prepared using the old survey , and the antiquities section  was supervised during the construction. By making use of the details, surveys and pictures that were hidden during the demolition bina was made of reinforced concrete with the same details and basement floors were added underneath. While the very detailed wooden decorations in the interiors were reconstructed in accordance with the original, the mechanical and electrical installations and tools required by today's comfort conditions the teams were produced in accordance with the long work of the teams_cc583194_baddectay5c5831943 hidden in the building. The pictures of Kalemisi landscape found in the original state of the building in the Pasha room were kept while the building was being demolished. However, since the plaster on which these paintings were made was in a very poor condition the ceiling paintings were rebuilt in accordance with their original form.

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