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The Clifton Yali Restoration, Candilli Bosphorus
The Clifton Yali was built by an English architect on the rocks beside the sea. The memoirs book of Dorina L. Neave of the Clifton family gives a glimpse of life of that time and the building. (Twenty-six years on the Bosphorus – Dorina L. Neave – Grayson & Grayson – London 1933) As she mentioned the Mansion burnt down in 1914/18. "A tanker caught fire in the Bosphorus and lighted petroleum drifted among the wooden piles on which many houses were built. These were quickly set ablaze, and the flames spread from house to house. Twenty-two in all were destroyed at Candilli, among them “Clifton Yali”, or dearly-loved home." The historic property reconstructed with the help of old photographs in 2012. There were just the boathouse and stone walls of the basement level left, which are renovated on site. 

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