Restorasyon Öztek Mimarlık İnşaat Dekorasyon

Öztek Architects serves for all the architectural requirements of historic house owners and investors planning to do restoration in the Bosphorus Region of Istanbul. 
Restoration is primarily repair process of a damaged and worn out structure, then a total reconstruction or remodel. By Öztek Architects we provide three projects for restoration; the current project (survey), the historical restitution project and the restoration project with the requirements of the end user. The approach to restoration is decided according to the historical-cultural value and the monumental scale.
These projects are submitted to the approval of the relevant Council and the necessary permits will be obtained.
To rehabilitate a historical building means to make it useful and functional for contemporary living while preserving historic and architectural features. 


  • Surveying, restitution and restoration projects 

  • Historic renovation

  • Historic preservation

  • Historic building restoration contractor

  • Remodeling

  • Restoration services

  • Project management

  • Cost analysis, cost program

  • Business program

  • Interior and landscape design

  • Licenses and permits

  • Obtaining the approvals required by the official institutions

  • Onsite Inspection

  • Consulting



İstanbul Kadıköy

Mimarlık Hizmetleri, Restorasyon Hizmetleri, Dekorasyon, Ahşap Ev, Taş Ev Yalı, Konak

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