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Kuruçeşme Divan Historical Stone Walls Survey Restitution Project
ALBANIA (2008)

On the way from Kuruçeşme to Arnavutköy, there is Kuruçeşme Divan Tesisleri on the west-facing ridge before Sarraf Cape. In 2008, we prepared the survey and restitution of the historical buildings on the parcel for Gökhan Avcıoğlu Architecture.
Stone walls, embankments and spaces made with an alternating weave of historical brick and stone that were difficult to choose under the ivy stretched almost all the way up to the hill. 
How was the survey taken? After determining the general positions and elevations of the buildings with the help of various measuring instruments, we prepared the drawing of each historical element. Each element on the stone walls was drawn one by one. 
The technical features of the structures were dated to the late 18th-early 19th century by experts. 
The stone-walled spaces and set chains extending over the hill to the sea in general resembled the service spaces of a building found by the sea.
We received support from Istanbul Technical University Restoration USA experts  about its historical situation:

"All the spaces in the plot seem to be mainly for storage purposes and it would not be wrong to consider them as cisterns-reservoirs that collect the waters arising from the steep slopes. However, all these spaces were used for barns, kitchens, laundry, baths and servants, as well as the vineyard and garden where the support services of the mansions were provided in the early periods. It may have been used for purposes such as necessary spaces."

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