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Kapicioglu & Becikoglu Mansion

History of the Mansion, The first known owner of the building, which is an elegant example of Istanbul mansions, is Haremeyne Mülhek Şevki Efendi and Şerhi Hasan Efendi Foundation. In 1966, Hasan Akçıoğlu donated the building to his daughter Firdevs Baras , and the building was known as Ferhan Baras Mansion. Baras family used the mansion until May 2007.

In 2007, Yılmaz BECİKOĞLU and Eray KAPICIOĞLU bought the building and restored it to the present day by having it restored_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d.

in 2010KIBAR FAMILYBought İ. 
As Öztek Architecture, we have done all the project and implementation works of lean. 
Before it was restored, the exterior of the building, which lost the appearance of the Bosphorus Mansions, was plastered, the plan scheme was changed and many of its original features were lost. When our long and detailed studies are strengthened by the value that the owners place on history, a principled approach emerges.restorationwork is out. 
During our work, we made detailed documentation. We shared most of them as various booklets on the internet, in meetings and seminars. Here you can find the project, application and decoration stages and background notes.
During the project phase, historical records, historical Istanbul pictures, historical aerial photographs were found. The facade plaster was removed from place to place, revealing the original building details. An analytical survey was prepared. Wooden window, wooden door, wooden ceiling details were prepared in 1/1 scale. 
Weaknesses under the ground were identified by conducting ground surveys andsupport projectswas prepared.  
The prepared restoration project was animated with 3D modeling technique. 

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