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Nevzat Kalkavan House Application; 

The building, located in an area close to Çamlıca Hill, was in a dilapidated condition before the restoration. Some windows and doors were changed, and the marble fountain in its garden was shattered. It took water from the ground and the front, and over time it remained below the road level. Our company has done the design, supervision and architectural works of the old building on behalf of NNA Architecture . A new restoration project was prepared by using the old survey and construction.

The building was repaired without being demolished. It was even suspended and raised in place. Many of its elements were repaired and reused. Among the photos you can see the entrance door. We preserved most of the interior doors and the carrier system. After cleaning and repairing all non-deteriorated parts, we used it in the build again. 

located in the garden the marble fountain repair was the most enjoyable part of this work. Parts of the marble fountain had been lost, the remainder lying roughly together. During our research, we found a similar example in a bath fountain. According to this example, we arranged the proportions and mirror in his project. Later, during the construction, original parts were found under the ground. The parts that came out matched exactly with the proje. We reshaped the fountain, which did not attract attention when it was in ruins in the garden, after it was repaired with landscaping in the garden. 

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