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Sinan Goker House

The wooden structure overlooking the Bosphorus among the bastions of Rumelihisarı, in Aşiyanda, was almost destroyed by the fire in 1996, and only a few burned pieces of wall remained from its wooden floor.
In the period when its garden, surrounded by greenery, was used as a cafe, the original building was pushed aside as a garbage area and hidden behind unqualified decorations woven around it.
While preparing the survey of the building, we identified the existing remains. We uncovered the original foundations in the excavations carried out in places. Together with the project, we prepared detailed reports and analytical surveys. 
We used the remains and old documents during the restitution phase. 
We have completed the structural features of the wooden section based on the burned section. We found photographs showing the original condition of the building in the historical paintings of Rumelihisarı and Robert College. 
Our goal in the restoration project was to adapt the original plan, which consists of narrow rooms and a complex scheme due to the difference in elevation, to a family life.  

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