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Arter Beyoğlu 
Ömer Koç Museum of Modern Art

Located on Istiklal Street, close to the Tunnel, this masonry building has witnessed many important events in history .
In 2007, we were asked to prepare the projects to be restored by the Koç Foundation to be converted into a Museum of Modern Art.
During our research, we found maps and postcards showing the old state of the building. When we asked questions about Bina , we listened to the memories of many people who lived here. İstiklal street has also hosted various workplaces during its historical transformations, every time a part of  is changed. His name was mentioned as Meymenet Han on one of the historical maps, then this was
We learned that the meaning of the word is "luck". During the events of September 6-7, we found the original version of the façade among the piled up items.  
The building was empty, in a smashed state. Half of the ceilings were dismantled along with the air conditioning ducts. We had a hard time projecting the fragmentation on the ceilings rather than the finely worked marble decorations. The columns that were left lame while the entrance floors were arranged in a different style, on each floor cc781905_ 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_window joinery, demolished and relocated walls were analyzed. 
With the restoration of the Koç Foundation, it joined the other Modern Art Museums in the region.

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